One thing that is changing is we all need to get stuff done. Karmas provides the best system to get organized, get motivated, and get things done.

Get Organized

Karmas helps you get organized. It is easy as a text to save any task on your mind. The app allows you to easily organize your goals, projects, and tasks quickly. Don’t worry about when you need to be where, the app understands your calendar. The platform enables time, location, and event based triggers. This enables daily planning and reflection events to help keep you on track. This offloads the things on your mind into a system you can trust, allowing you to be present and fully engaged in your current activity. The system also has the ability to recommend learning and doing paths based on what other people have been most successful with.

Get Motivated

Scientists have found that simply measuring your weight regularly helps you lose weight. Simple feedback is one of the keys to staying motivated. The system tracks the time you spend on any given task, tasks completed, projects completed, and goals completed. You pick the things you want to work on today and the system organizes your work blocks. If you are having a hard time starting a task, the system can schedule breaks for you based on optimal performance research (52 minutes working and 17 minute break has been found to be optimal by Stanford). The system is designed to reduce your friction to action.

Increase Flow

Flow is that magical state we get into when we are performing our best. Flow is a channel between being challenged and being bored where you are doing something slightly harder than your current ability (typically 4% harder). A McKinsey study found that CEOs in flow were 5x more effective. A characteristic of flow is that we turn off our inner critic and lose track of time. The system can help manage interruptions and determine your most productive times to optimize flow.