Improve Time to Results

Karmas helps you improve your time to results freeing up time for the things that are most important to you. Karmas learns how people get things done (doing paths) and presents you with the most efficient way 0f doing a task whether you want to automate, delegate, or systemize it. Karmas tracks the most efficient automation tools, delegation services, and systems for you. It is your personal J.A.R.V.S. Here is an example learning path for forming a startup.

Here are the steps for 10x doing.

1 Capture

Nothing frees up your mind like writing all those things you need to do down. With Karmas you can capture ideas with a simple text or use the plan view to organize tasks for many projects.

2 Eliminate, Prioritize, and Plan

Pareto found that 20% of the effort gets 80% of the results. Eliminating tasks that don’t have value is the next step. Nothing saves time like not doing unimportant things. Next you want to prioritize what is left. What will make the biggest progress towards your projects and goals. Finally, put together your daily game plan and rough future plan.

3 Offload (Automate or Delegate)

If there is a task you don’t like doing, you don’t know how to do, or it is not central to your unique contribution to the world consider offloading it. Understanding what consumes your time allows you to target freeing up time by automation and delegation. Automation has exponential benefits, because once you automate something time savings continue to accrue. Delegation can require some coordination and has to be addressed every time you delegate. There are many services / tools out there to automate and delegate, Karmas learns the best ways others have automated similar tasks and offers the best options to you.

4 Do

When elimination, delegation, or automation isn’t the best option for you, Karmas helps you stay organized and on track. Karmas works your task blocks around your fixed calendar schedule. You simply click on a task to start it and we keep track of the time spent. If you having a hard time getting going on a task Karmas can also schedule optimal breaks (52 min working and 17 min breaks). Karmas also learns the best systems people have for doing similar tasks and makes these systems available to you.

5 Reflect and Optimize

Karmas can automatically schedule reflection time for you at the end of the day. Karmas gives you a summary of your progress and helps you put together you plan for the next day. Reflection is a great time to change course for a new experiment, new approach, adding learning goals, or getting help.