Growth Mindset and Accelerated Learning (Optimizing Time to Insights and Time to Skills)

A big part of success is a growth mindset. The highest performers seek opportunities that enable them to grow. People with growth mindsets are not limited by their current abilities. They don’t see a missing skill as a roadblock; they simply put it on the list of things to learn. They are always improving and growing. They know that the more they grow the more they can achieve; it just takes willpower, grit, and planning. Karmas can help you improve your time to skills and knowledge.

The education system is designed for one time learning and due the the half life of skills it needs to move to a lifelong learning model. Currently only 1 in 4 students that start college get the job they were trained for. At the same time the cost of a degree has gone up 1127% since 1978 (double the rate of healthcare cost growth). This leaves the average student with $18k in debt and a skill set that will not last them their whole career. We need to challenge old thinking. What does a degree really mean and why does all knowledge take a semester to acquire? Why is everyone in a classroom forced to learn at the exact same rate?

Many online learning companies are focused on helping you get skills faster. Karmas mines the most effective learning paths to find you the least expensive, fastest way to acquire new skills. You can consume courseware at your highest rate (often 2x to 3x) and constantly update your skills. Karmas monitoring and triggering system will help you keep on track using the latest in cognitive and behavioral science (a common problem of online courseware is abandonment rates). Below is an example learning path with books, courses, and videos for startups.

1 Content Selection

Information is power, but at its current rate of growth (2x every 1.5 years) it is hard to harness that power. Self made billionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates make it a point to read all of the time. They collect insights and as many perspectives on the world as possible. The key to success in a world of mass information is becoming a more efficient information processor. It’s not about how many words per minute you can read it is about the amount of insights you can acquire in a certain amount of time. Lets face it most content today if fairly insight light.

Karmas helps you find the 20% of content that gets you 80% of the insights. Karmas learns the most successful learning paths from others. We layer content so you can get the 5 minute abstract, 30 min accelerated talk by the author, or 4hr accelerated audio book. This allows you to determine where to spend your time based on insight density and consume a lot more content more quickly.

2 Content Consumption 

Karmas can help you capture insights and connect those insights faster. A key to memory is associating new ideas to existing ones. A key to creativity is combining things from different disciplines in new ways (the Medici Effect). You can consume information at the fastest rate you can capture insights and make connections. We do this by layering content abstract (5 min), video (1 hr), or audio book (8 hr) depending on how deep you feel you need to go. In addition, we can cut video or audio playback by 2x or 3x, while freeing you up to take notes on insights and your unique ideas about the content. This means 8 hours of content could be consumed in 5m to 2.5hr. That is a huge advantage in the information age.

3 ABCs – Always be Capturing, Connecting, and Compressing

One key to retention is doing something with the data. Capturing a summary of the insights from the material is great way to do this.By capturing notes you have a compressed version of what you learned to review later. A second key to retention is connecting the new information to something your already know. The third key to retention is getting enough sleep. This is when you brain forms long term memories. All of this primes your massive subconscious parallel processor (95% of the horsepower of your brain) to help you be more creative.  How can you tell you are maximize learning rate and retention? Consume at the fastest rate you can summarize and connect what you are learning. Karmas provides the simplest and most effective way to consume and capture information.